Hitting Bull’s Eye

It’s been about 4 weeks since I returned from the Peruvian Amazonian Jungles, after being healed deeper than before, by the loving Shipibo tribe Shamans.

Joe Dispenza Advanced Workshop Epiphany

Finished my first advanced weeklong workshop with @drjoedispenza in Cancun . The transformation is only to be experienced… This picture was taken after a walking meditation on

Yelp Elite

Yes, that guy in the picture is me, about a decade(ish) old minus ANY gray hair. For three years in a row, I was a

Abundance in Relationships

There was no thought involved in any answers, it was instinctive, all guided by the medicine. In an hour, I had clarity which I don’t

Setting Boundaries

Last week, I had to make the hard decision to step away from my (now former) friend at this point in my life because I

To be Fair

To be Fair I love the fact that India & Indians today are much more self aware , confident, assertive and activist in their outlook