I conduct workshops & keynotes on Mindfulness at Work, Meditation 101, Generating Gratitude, and Building Better Work & Personal Relationships. Complimentary calming Breathwork can be added to any of the offerings. I also create custom modules tailored to your organization’s needs, please connect with me on your requirements. Preview my workshops here

I intend to help you build the best relationship with yourself and with the people that matter to you. And when that happens everything else falls in place! In my sessions I share my personal experience & evidence based tools and techniques that will help you lead  a more meaningful and present life

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Philosophy & Training

Born and raised in India, I’m blessed to incorporate the ancient contemplative wisdom traditions of Buddhism and Hinduism in my offerings. I’m constantly updating myself with research in cognitive and behavioral psychology / neuroscience that are corroborating the effect of mindfulness on our well being.

My coaching stint has made me a deeply empathetic listener and I find that this helps me hold space well in my sessions. I’m also influenced by the teachings of the Indigenous peoples who I have been privileged to work with. In my workshops and talks, you will often find me quoting my teachers like Dr. Tara Brach, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Shri SN Goenka among others