Rewiring Sickness

That was me 3 years ago. Yup, I looked like shit and felt shittier. I’ve always killed it at work and even got a new job where I would be building some cool stuff, but personally I had bulldozed a relationship with a wonderful partner, my relationship with my mother and sister back in India, were in steep decline and I had immense chronic pain due to which I ‘medicated’ myself with alcohol as a common solution to all of my woes.

I worked with a ‘holistic’ doctor who was terrible! They couldn’t diagnose anything despite expensive tests, including poop and continued milking me a lot!

In retrospect though, I’m very grateful that they didn’t help because otherwise, I would have never addressed the root cause of the issue – ME!

In April 2019 was my first tryst with fixing Myself – A 10 Day silent meditation retreat, followed up with another 10 day retreat in 6 months and Ayahuasca the month after in the Peruvian jungles where I was pretty sure in 2 of the ceremonies I would meet my creator. The integration from all these journeys was long and painful. . Oh, all this while, I continued killing it at work…

I was committed to the path of self-discovery, no matter what the challenges and soon enough, it started paying off handsomely.

Now, at 40, I’m my fittest, best and happiest self EVER! I have a stellar relationship with my mom and sister and the greatest ever relationship with MYSELF. I know the right partner will find me and I have found my purpose in serving others!

Going deeper in this rabbit hole with more workshops (I call myself a retreat addict) and consistent meditation & mindfulness practices, I evolved from a Management Consultant to a Self-Actualization Consultant focusing on corporate professionals (like my unupgraded self) and enabling them to lead their most fulfilling lives.

I was a regular Joe and I transformed myself by doubling down on myself. And I know, you can do it too.

Never forget – you’re bigger than your ups and downs.

11th February, 2022