You are what you drink

What is whisky list doing in a blog about consciousness? Well, to find that out you need to watch my video on how what (if) you drink is associated with how you value yourself and your self-worth.

As mentioned in the video, Here is my list of top 5 favorites in no particular order. Depending on the State you live in, they are in the $50-$100 range. They all shouldn’t be hard to find.

Amrut Fusion

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I’m partial to this one as the distillery is based in my home city of Bangalore, India. This single malt blew up after whisky guru Jim Murray in 2011 named it the 3rd finest whisky in the world. Named fusion because it is produced using 25% Scottish peated barley and 75% unpeated Indian barley. It is, however, uniquely Indian in character with a spiced nose and tastes like burnt molasses with the rich oak shining through. I love this one in all weathers.

Nikka Whisky From The Barrel

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If you’ve always wanted to try Japanese whisky but can’t find or want to pay the high price of a Yamazaki 12, look no further. Although a blended whisky and will not be classified as Japanese whisky anymore due to the recent denomination origin changes, this is a stellar expression of the region. Delicate, fruity and mildly oaky, can’t recommend this enough.

Paul John Bold

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Just when you thought that India was a land of curries, gurus, IT and one distillery. Another ‘Bold’ winner emerges in the Indian Whisky arena. This single malt is made with 6 row Himalayan barley dried using peat from Islay, Scotland. The distillery is in the beachy & balmy state of Goa and the effect is seen on the maturation and color. You definitely pick up smoke on the nose and slight pepper on the palate and finish. If you haven’t had whisky made from Himalayan barley, you don’t know what you are missing.

Johnnie Walker Black Label

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Sure, call it the Jack Daniels of Scotches. This iconic whisky has so much nostalgia for me. Growing up in India, you made everyone returning from abroad try to score a bottle and it would be kept under lock and key by dads only to be stolen & sipped surreptitiously by sons like me (he knew). Sentiments apart, this 12 year blended scotch is the best value for money. Blended with classic single malts like Coal Ila and Cardhu, it has enough smoke and meatiness to be sipped straight or make killer old fashioneds. Top it with some ice and soda, and White Claw will know who’s the OG.

Ironroot Republic Harbinger 115

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This list would be incomplete without a whiskey in it. Closer to my other home in Austin, TX, the Harbinger 115 from Ironroot Republic in Denison, TX has been named the world’s best bourbon. The French brandy distillation techniques and local corn make a spirit that not only is big (57.5%) like the way we like it in Texas, but it is also a rich, deep, satisfying dram perfect for them wintry nights by the fire with a Cuban maybe. This one definitely opens up with a few drops of water or a cube of ice. While I want to say making a Manhattan with this would be sacrilege, I may or may not have committed that crime.

Share with me your favorite drams or spirits that that make you appreciate you!

14th May, 2021